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                                                                          Guillermo Torrens

​Guillermo Torrens was born in Argentina and Tango soon became his life. He watched it performed in houses, theatres, at Milongas and in the streets and longed to Tango professionally himself. His studies began in Rosario, Argentina with the legendary Orlando Paiva along with Claudio Omar and Maria Veronica and intensified when he moved to Buenos Aires in 2002 to study with teachers such as the “Maestro de Maestros” Raul Bravo along with Angela Ruth Manonellas, Silvio Lavia and Mimi Santapa. While he was living in Rosario his education in the arts covered more areas apart from dance and was enriched with studies in acting with Hector Ansaldi.

Studying classical dance at an early age influenced Guillermo. His artistic background has a strong emphasis on technique and dance interpretation. He studied ballet at Teatro Colon with Liliana Belfiore, a former Prima Ballerina of the English National Ballet Company. Even now he continues to learn from other excellent teachers. Guillermo has performed in many shows and theatres in Argentina such as Teatro el Circulo (Rosario), Teatro fundacion Astengo (Rosario), Teatro La Cooperacion (Rosario), Teatro Colon (Bs. As.), Teatro Nacional Cervantes (Bs. As.),Teatro Avenida (Bs As), Centro Cultural Borges (Bs.As.), Teatro El Globo (Bs. As.), Teatro El Cubo (Bs. As.) as well as at Casas de Tango such as Confiteria Ideal, Cafe Tortoni, Esquina Homero Manzi. He has been also member of the Ballet de Tango Pichincha, Ballet de Atilio Sanchez, Cuballet Rosario, Koi Ballet, Compania de Liliana Belfiore, Ballet Neoclasico de Bs. As., Compania Ballet con Humor.

From 2005 until 2007 he was the tango partner of Liliana Belfiore and together they participated in different shows and events and were invited to appear in TV shows. Guillermo has also performed outside of Argentina in many countries such as Brazil and in Europe. In 2007 he toured around the UK as the lead dancer in Tango Nuevo with the Tango Siempre Company.

In 2011 Guillermo performed at the Midnight Tango show tour in UK and he continued with the Midnight Tango show at West End theatres in London and the national (UK) tours in 2012 and 2013. Guillermo's latest performing work includes his appearance on the iTV live show "This Morning" and the "Classic Brits Awards 2012" at the Royal Albert Hall dancing the music of Miloš Karadagli?. He also appears at the DVD of the "Midnight Tango" show which was released in 2011. Some projects include dance performances for the the national tour of internationally reknown tango singer Martin Alvarado and national tour with Tango Motion (Tango Siempre).

Guillermo is an experienced choreographer. He has choreographed many of the shows and exhibitions with which he’s been involved. Countries he has taught include Argentina, Switzerland, Greece and the UK.

He also has a tango school in the North called Tangounlimited, he is also involved with teaching tango in schools and organise various Tango Festivals, Tango Holidays and Cultural Holidays. More information about Tango can be found at and for Tango and Cultural Holidays at

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