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"I had a wonderful time ! I will remember dancing, dancing, laughing,  music that stirs,  engaging conversations,   poppies ......
 & having time to smell the roses .......

I just want to thank you both for everything,  and particularly your teaching. I so appreciated that.

I hope you know you are

wonderful teachers.
Meeting both of you was like

coming across two jewels

in my life."


"Everyone I spoke to from the workshops loved it, and obviously your technique ones are fabulous... more please :) As well as a beautiful performer, you are an excellent teacher - not many can do both."


Augustia ...

"I like you a lot as a teacher your brilliant you know how to treat and look after your students. 
Your natural charms and sweetness is just adorable and really admire you for that.

Please keep up the good work"




"You have worked wonders with John, he told me he would dance the Alex way, and WOW, I was in heaven. Every tango man should have an Alex. After over a year of no tango due to my injury/operation, am just starting very very slowly to get back to it, taking it very gently, I can't risk anything fancy, and pivots, turns are tricky. John used to think just walking is very boring, but you've got him thinking of walking-musicality."


"Just wanted to thank you again for this wonderful week ! 

I have to say that I do miss you guys a lot

and would love to see you more often.

Classes were wonderful and I must have

picked up a few things as someone

here immediately asked me whether

I've taken any lessons recently when I

danced with her last night !  Isn't

this the best that can happen!

Good thing that you told me

that every step is important..."


"You are so special. You give us such encouragement and confidence to carryon. Your calm way of giving instruction is so unique. No wonder we all wantto come back to you.Thank you for making my/our holiday, a holiday to remember I know Mark feels the same.We look forward to the next time.With fond love."


"I just wanted to say you did a fantastic class tonight - a really great job - everybody said so. There aren't many woman teachers who can lead like you do ... and we all said it's so nice to see you branching out and teaching on your own for a change .... having your voice, you've got a great instinctive/intuitive quality to your teaching and give so generously (remember to save some of that and nurture

yourself too x) I owe you so much Alex Wood!!! - thank you!"

"I did a class tonight it was jive, its just not the same :-( lots of lovely people that dance but shit music. mad thing is 3 men I danced with felt the same. tango takes it to the next level I feel. Jive is nice it is good; people learn partner dancing but after a while its not enough.
The people who run these events dont listen the music is rubbish music is very mportant. I hope your inspiration fills the nation and there is a revival so that more clubs and dance halls open for milongas with live orchestras and gorgeous candle lit romantic dances.
It is what the world needs and you both are bring light to that. Keep doing what you do and know that many other dancers share that dream from your mad friend
skippity hoppity"


"Hola Alexandra, gracias por l'amistad!
Tu es a beautiful dancer:ho visto alcuni tuoi video!
Il tuo tango spicca per grazia ed eleganza.
Saluti dall' Italia."


"Alexandra : the epitome of true beauty and elegance, and one of the loveliest people on the planet. x"


"That was such a lovely class yesterday - boy, my feet knew about it 
afterwards!  Very inspiring, and really made me want to dance again."


"it was wonderful to see you, and so inspiring. It was like being taught by a goddess.
 I shall be thinking of your every word. It was my second time in heels since Jan 09, so it feels like I'm drunk, and gets a bit painful....but I needed to get them on to get the feeling of the walk. I shall be thinking of posture and elbows and loose arms, and ankles etc when I'm getting strong in the gym to return to tango.
Strange, but as you know I've had lots of tango breaks over the years, however this long enforced one has made me more obsessive about it than ever before...
thanks again"

"Just to let you know how happy I am that I did that private lesson with you.
My girlfriend could not believe how much I improved from one day to the next. She lives in Croatia and we don’t get to dance together very often.
Once I have what I learned with you incorporated and fixed in my mind and body I hope we can do another lesson to keep on building on it.
Thank you so much for being honest and straight to the point. That was exactly what I needed."


"Just wanted to say thank you so much for such an inspiring two hours plus, and also to tell you the buzz in the queue for the ladies was very positive.  You explain everything soooooooooooo well, and it was really nice that you kept moving so that everyone could see you. 
 A tiny detail that makes such a difference too is you mentioning what you found difficult along the way, it's so wonderful to have a teacher who empathises, as even though we're all thinking something like  'yeah but even when she was struggling she must have looked gorgeous whereas I look like a goat trying to dance', so much of what we go through in tango is about how we feel, so it's really reassuring.  
I was struggling with my right side not being so strong and heels are still hard, but despite that soooooooooooooooooooooo enjoyed. I look forward to the next one"

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